Live Sound

It all starts with the live sound. Ian has learned the live ropes with his own band and various gigs down the years. Credits include:

Let Realistic Productions take care of the live sound for your small gig or event. We can provide excellent quality PA gear, together with the expertise to set up and run your show. We are happy to advise you about what you might need to rent in addition to Realistic Productions’ own equipment to complete your set up.

Interested? We're affordable

Live Gear List

  • Mackie CFX16 Mark II  and/or Mackie 1202-VLZ3 mixers
  • DBX 231 graphic equalizer
  • DBX 166XL Compressor/Limiter/Gate
  • T C Electronic M350 effects processor 
  • PA featuring Yorkville Elite 160p powered speakers, Crown 602 power amp, Peavey PV15M passive speakers
  • Shure SM58 and Electro Voice ND267a vocal mics
  • Shure SM57 instrument mics
  • Drum mic kit including condenser overheads

Portable staging and backdrop is also available for rent:

  • Stage deck - 4’ x 8’ plus 4’ x 4’ (both 12 inches high)
  • Black fabric stage backdrop, 8’ high x (maximum) 16’ wide
  • Please contact us for rates.