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Ian's Story

Owner / operator Ian Hicks has always had a passion for music. He has been "garage banding" with friends for over 10 years and was a long-time stage hand at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. In 2012, Ian completed Powersound Studios’ Recording Arts course, under the expert tutelage of engineer and producer Scott Greene. After completing the course, Ian decided to pursue his passion by starting his own small music production company as the "yin" to the "yang" of his day job. Since then, Ian has been recording at his “Just Play”  studio on the south side of Edmonton, AB and working live shows around the city.


Our philosophy is simple: keep it Real(istic) and affordable. We aim to produce and engineer professional-grade recordings for musicians who are just starting out, have a limited budget or simply want to hear what they sound like on a digital multi-track setup. 

Tracking or live off-the-floor? Your choice!

Live Sound

Let us produce your small-venue live show. We'll take care of everything from set up to tear down - including engineering a great mix for the show itself. 

Want to record the show? We can do that too!

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Do you have questions, want to collaborate on a recording or book a show? Reach out and let's make music happen. 

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